Shadow Riders 4-H Club

The Shadow Riders 4H Club is an all exclusive branch in which horseback riding is the main focus. Throughout this clubs legacy, families have came from all around Central Alberta to experience the clubs quality equine education, and family atmosphere. The club provides an opportunity for members to learn from experienced instructors about success in riding and other equine related attributes. From early September until June, you can find busy Shadow Rider members having lessons, attending meetings, practicing a drill pattern, speaking their way to success, bonding with friends, and so much more. For all things equine, the club offers, light horse projects, young horse, jumping, dressage, reining, drill team and a variety of other programs. Shadow Riders also have the opportunity to take part in a crocheting project. The Shadow Riders 4H club has been based in the Benalto AG grounds for 49 years, and look forward to spending many more in the community.

For more information please contact the General Leader, Rebecca King.